8 Common Problems Home Sellers Try to Hide

Sellers are supposed to provide all the information within their knowledge that might impact the property value. These include structural flaws, the presence of mold or lead paint, etc. However, this is not always the case. Some sellers try to save more money by not disclosing some issues related to the property. You might want to hire a trained home inspector to check if a seller has something to conceal. Still, we will go over the common problems that some sellers try to hide, so you know what you can expect before buying a property.

1. Noisy neighborhood

When buying a new house, keep in mind that location is crucial, and for a good reason. Even though it seems unimportant, home sellers are required to disclose if there are any neighborhood nuisances. To make sure that everything is fine, you might want to consider dropping by at various times of the day to observe what is happening. If you encounter any neighbors out in their yards, you could start a conversation and see what you can learn. Also, inquire about whether any of your neighbors are too loud or cause frequent problems. Moreover, you might want to know whether the location is known for frequent traffic jams. You certainly don't want to travel two hours to work that is not that far away.

It would be best if you also did thorough research on the city you are planning to move to. If you are moving from Florida to California, you will have to find out what the state is like, what the real estate trends are like, if there are job opportunity options, etc. If you like what you learn, hire professional movers to assist you with the move, and you're all set. If you are planning to leave the Sunshine State for good, contacting professionals to do the job for you is of utmost importance. Interstate moving is rarely easy. It requires detailed planning and hiring a moving company. Creating a moving checklist and determining the budget are only some of the important things you might want to do before leaving FL.

2. Trying to hide evidence of damage

It is a fact that owners must occasionally replace some external components of a home. They may sometimes try to conceal some damage by eliminating evidence. Detecting recent random replacement of outside pieces might indicate a purposeful attempt to hide long-term problems. In this case, the best thing you can do is find out if your house inspector is qualified to detect such issues.  Some issues significantly influence the price of the property.

3. Pests

One of the most annoying problems you can encounter in your new home is pests. You should never think that no pests live inside just because a home appears beautiful. The walls might be freshly painted, and the whole house might appear flawless. However, the property might happen to conceal a dark secret. Do not take any chances if you suspect pests are invading your new home. Hire an inspector and be sure.

4. Appliances that are damaged or do not work well

Many homeowners will try to conceal that an appliance needs to be repaired or replaced. They might try to do so by putting a lot of kitchen utensils on a stove before the house inspection. It is just one of many problems home sellers try to hide. There are many other ways to hide that an appliance is not working correctly.

5. Deck problems.

When you see a house, the deck might look perfect. It is freshly painted and seems brand new. However, when you take a closer look, there might seem to be some cover-up done. There might be holes or cracks in the wood. Home sellers may frequently apply a few coats of paint to conceal problems caused by wood rotting, water damage, etc. Such issues show that your new deck needs repair or replacement rather than a simple paint job.

6. Water damage

Problems such as leaks, roof, and foundation issues may be very annoying. You might want to perform a home inspection before making an offer on the house. The most important thing is to keep an eye on foundation cracks, mildew, or water damage on the ceilings or walls. These things might also create a foul smell on the property.

7. Emotional disadvantages

Typically, sellers are not obligated to reveal a home's ''emotional faults'' or eerie background. Many people consider this to be unimportant. However, if the property's history is relevant to you, be sure to ask.

8. Unappealing view

Sellers tend to hide the unattractive view by putting up fences. If you see any hedges or high fences around the property, there is a chance that the owners are trying to hide something. Sellers do this not because they do not like the property, but only to block off an unappealing view. You can never know what the case with your future property is unless you find out what is on the other side before you leave the premises.

Final thoughts

Even though trying to conceal something from the potential home buyers is deceiving and disrespectful, this scenario is quite common. Namely, sellers do this to try to sell the property faster. This is something that you cannot change. However, you can do thorough research and hire a professional home inspector to assist you in finding these hidden issues. Being aware and cautious is the only way to avoid dealing with problems home sellers try to hide.


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