Who Should You Notify When Moving House in Ojai


Moving to a new home is always an exciting prospect. This is big whether you are moving just around the corner or across the ocean! First, let us congratulate you! Second, let us tell you that moving house in Ojai or anywhere else in the world is no easy task! You will have to do a lot of planning, and then you will have to execute those plans using your time, energy, and money. And, as if all that weren't enough, you will also have to notify many people and companies about your move. Yes, this is a tedious task, but it is an essential part of your relocation and, therefore, something you must do. But, don't worry, we are here to help you make all the 'calling' arrangements. Thus, if you want to know who should you notify when moving house in Ojai, keep on reading. 

Call the 'Personal' People First 

First, you must notify all the people dear to you that you are moving house in Ojai. Sometimes, those are just the people closest to you - your parents and siblings, for example. But, in other cases, those are a lot more people. So, here is a list that will help you cross-check: 

  • Relatives 
  • Friends 
  • Neighbors 
  • Colleagues 
  • Landlord (if you were a renter) 
  • Your children's friends 

The list can go on, but we can all agree that these are the most important people to notify when moving house in Ojai. If you require somebody's help, for helping you move or for helping you   buy a house in Ojai, notify them first. For most people, this help comes from a friend or family member. That person will need to prepare and organize on time. And, when it comes to everyone else, notify them a couple of weeks before the move. If you don't have the time to say goodbye to everybody in person, you can consider organizing a 'Goodbye Party' in your soon-to-be-ex home. Or, you can even schedule a Zoom call and talk to everybody there. 


Then, Call the Movers 

After you tell all your loved ones about your upcoming move, the following people you should think about are your movers. When it comes to residential movers, you can hire a local team to give you a hand. It doesn't matter whether you need help with packing, heavy lifting, finding a moving truck, disassembling furniture, etc., they got you. 

However, let us give you a secret - to find the most professional movers who are also affordable, you will have to start 'notifying' on time. All the best movers are booked months in advance. So, our advice is to start searching as soon as you decide it's time to move. 

Don't Forget About Creditors and Service Providers 

Next, make a list of all the creditors and service providers whose services you are using. For instance, those can be: 

  • Insurance companies 
  • Bank  
  • Phone/cable/internet companies 
  • Electricity/ water providers 
  • Natural gas provider 
  • Heating fuel company 
  • Newspaper subscriptions 

When it comes to all these companies, creditors, and providers, it would be a good idea to give plenty of notice. Those companies will need time to transfer all your services to your new address. Trust us; you don't want to move to a house in Ojai that will not have Internet for weeks. Moreover, when buying a house in Ojai, don't forget to ask the seller (or the real estate agent) about the services your new home already has. Of course, you will not receive the previous owner's newspaper subscription, but you can receive the services such as water, electricity, gas, heating, etc. 


Calling Healthcare Professionals Is a Must 

Nowadays, thanks to technology, you can easily transfer all your medical records quickly and effortlessly. Your current medical provider can send them to your new one in just a few clicks. However, it would be a good idea to let all the healthcare professionals whose services you are using on time, just so that they can ensure everything is up-to-date. This means contacting the following: 

  • All you and your family's doctors 
  • Dentist 
  • Your pet's vet
  • Healthcare insurance providers 

Another reason you should call all these healthcare service providers before your familyaffairmoving.com movers come to relocate you and your belongings to Ojai is that you may need some medication for the road. Or perhaps some medicines for the first couple of weeks in your new city. There is a chance that you can't set up your medical records that quickly, so it would be best if you didn't risk it. 


Notify Everybody at Your Work and Your Children's Schoo

Some of the last but certainly not the least important people you should notify when moving house in Ojai are everyone you work with and all the people (teachers and classmates) your child goes to school with. 

Of course, you probably wouldn't be moving without first sorting out everything related to your work. However, don't forget about your colleagues. They will surely be sad to see you go. You might also need to finish the projects and documentation you were working on and bring your colleagues up to speed if they will be taking over your former duties. In both cases, they will need to know that you are moving soon. The same applies to your children's school - notify the principal and the teachers on time to get all the necessary documents needed for school transfer. And, if possible, allow your children to inform their schoolmates too. You can organize a goodbye party for them all as well. This will not take much energy, but it will mean the world to your children! 

As you have seen, there are a lot of people you should notify when moving house in Ojai. We mentioned just a few of them, but you already know that that list is much longer. So, a couple of months (if you have them) before your moving date, make a list of all those you need to contact. And, call them when you have the time - don't wait for the last minute. 


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